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"ZomBees" Sidescroll-App

This story follows Burt the Bee as he attempts to rid his hive of the ZomBee's that have taken over.

This level was created entirely in Adobe Flash and our primary mechanic was the ability to jump off of walls repeatedly in order to make your way up and down the corridors.

Roles: Level Designer, Story Concept ,Art, Programming

Assets: Custom

"The Creep" Horror

This was one of the first levels I worked on a team with.

The gameplay is simple: get from point A to point B without dying, and to do so you must stay in the light.

The Audio played a major role in the game to give is a creeping feeling and it was the only real way to know something was gaining on you without directly looking back.  We mislead the player often and it helped make the level...creepy.

Roles: Level Designer, Kismet, Story Concept

Assets: UDK, GOW

"Oil Rig" - CTF-FPS

This level is your basic symmetrical capture the flag except it is modeled after an Oil Rig and primarily uses UDK assets to create unique modular pieces.


Roles: Level Designer, Kismet, Materials, Shaders

Assets: UDK, GOW, Custom

*Thanks to for excellent water shader tutorial

Audio - Walk thru

"DM-Deck" UDK add-on

With this project I wanted to create a smooth-flowing area that could be added to the UDK "Deck" Level, seamlessly.

Due to all the piping involved, this was one of the most time-consuming levels, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  The most challenging part was making it look like it fit right into the UDK "Deck" level but still be a new experience just on its own.

Roles: Level Designer

Assets: UDK Only

"Celtic Waters" 3P/FPS​​

With this game, the player assumes the role of a relic hunter, sent by his employer to a mysterious island off the coast of Scotland.  The player has the ability to see into the spirit world and thereby see into the past. 

With this level I wanted to stretch beyond my comfort zone and work mostly with a vast landscape area.  I was able to repurpose many assets like the "skull cave" that you seen in the picture.  It was originally intended to be a smaller torch-like object.

Roles: Level Designer, Story Concept, Kismet, Unreal Script


"Grim Fate" -SideScroller

In "Grim Fate" you take on Satan as you, The Grim Reaper, try to stop the end of the world and get your powers back in the process.

This game took roughly 9 months to complete with a team of about 15 people.  I organized everyone's workload and held weekly meetings to check everyone's status.  We met all of our deadlines and ensured all assets were created as efficiently as possible.

Roles: Lead Level Designer, Producer, Story Concept, Kismet, Unreal Script

Assets: All Original Assets

Audio - Walk thru

"Survive" -FPS

In "Survive" you play a character that is seemingly the only survivor of a horrific train accident.  Upon waking up, you are immediately guided by an unknown voice as you try to find your way to safety, discover what's going on and...

With this level my primary focus was completely on story.  Every asset placement was meant to enhance or guide the story along and make it a fun experience for the player.  

Roles: Level Designer, Story Concept, Kismet, Unreal Script

Assets: UDK, GOW

Doing what I love, and loving what I do

Level/World Designs

"Deadly Instinct" 3P/FPS​​ 

This story follows a security officer as he navigates through an unknown vessel that has had all of its occupants seemingly killed.  You can use the air vents to make quick escapes, but in the style of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, you must find the right keys to access each area and escape with your life.

I tackled this level on my own from start to finish.  I used Scaleform for the HUD and everything else was a manipulation of Unreal Script and a combination of my own as well as UT3 and basic UDK assets.

Roles: Level Designer, Story Concept, Kismet, Unreal Script

Assets: UDK, GOW, UT3

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