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Who am I?

My Design philosophy
I build from a story. 

Before I design any levels, I start with a story that I feel is interesting and that will grab a players attention.  From there I expand on the game play that will add to the story and make the player want to keep playing the game.

My Inspiration
Film has always played a huge role in my life along with Video Games, and combining both is the ultimate in fun and satisfaction. I hope to bring this form of entertainment and story telling to everyone around the world.

My Materials
3Ds Max, Zbrush, xNormals, Photoshop, UDK, PhysX Lab, SpeedTree, World Machine, Maya, Unity, Adobe Flash and currently experimenting with CryEngine.


My Attitude
You should know that I am a bit goofy and I love to make people laugh. If you don't like to laugh, then please move along.  I do, however, take my work seriously, but lets face it;  There is a joke out there for every situation and most likely, I'll find it. 

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